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No matter the industry, a simplified network makes business faster and life easier.

All Ciena industries

Wireline operators

Telecom companies now providing a wide range of communication, IT, business and entertainment services to residential and enterprise customers, and wholesale customers.

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Mobile network operators

Service providers offering wireless connectivity and application services to mobile subscribers.

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Let us help you go web-scale.

Companies delivering apps and content over the Internet, and the data center infrastructure that makes it possible.

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Cable MSO

Diversified technology and media companies providing entertainment, information, and communication services to residential and business customers.

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Electric utilities

Power companies that generate, transmit, and distribute electricity for sale generally in a market regulated by local and national authorities.

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Media and entertainment

Movie and television pre- and post-production, broadcast television content contribution companies, sports teams and live entertainment venues, as well as managed service providers serving these segments.

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Banks, security and commodity brokers/traders, hedge funds, and managed service providers serving these segments.

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Hospitals and affiliates that provide medical services and exchange information across data centers, clinics, laboratories, physician practices, and other healthcare stakeholder and constituent networks.

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Federal, Civilian, and DOD

Government and civilian agencies operating medium- to large-scale networks for defense, aeronautics, military, and intelligence needs.

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State & Local Government

State, provincial, county, or city governments operating networks—including agency, healthcare, utility, public safety, and transportation—for public infrastructure and government operations.

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Submarine network operators

Ciena's latest GeoMesh submarine solutions including the WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset bring web-scale dynamics to submarine networks.

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Research and education

R&E networks lead the industry in open, collaborative networking across many geographies and institutions. Often early adopters, these networks serve as a proving ground for innovative technologies such as terabit and 100G, coherent optical detection, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

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